About Plaisirs Gastronomiques

Pleasure & Friendliness

Plaisirs Gastronomiques is a creative team with a strong passion towards innovation. Our artisan chefs continuously develop gourmet and surprising products. Through our heritage, our expertise and our culinary offer, we want to share the pleasure of eating around a friendly or family table.

From the development of our products to their production in a modern and safe plant, Plaisirs Gastronomiques follows a qualitative approach, without compromise. This approach still leaves much room for the intervention and expertise of the artisan, allowing us to offer high quality products and a true homemade experience.

Our Journey

The story of the family’s first generation


Brothers Christophe and Olivier Beauvais found Plaisirs Gastronomiques.

In March 1993, when they were only 21 and 20 years old, brothers Christophe and Olivier Beauvais found Plaisirs Gastronomiques. Their first products, quiches and pies, are manufactured in their 1000 square feet premises located in Sainte-Rose, Laval. During the first few months, the two brothers worked alone to manufacture, market, and distribute their products.
Pictured: Christophe and Olivier in July 1977 at the age of six and five already busy trimming pieces of meat.


In practically no time, the facilities proved too small to respond to the ever-increasing demand; the two entrepreneurs immediately decide to double the available floor space.


The plant is relocated in Blainville, in a 10,000 square feet workspace.


The family trio takes shape :
Jean-Philippe, the youngest of the three brothers, join the founding duo.


Demand for Plaisirs Gastronomiques products is increasing; the Blainville plant size is expanded.


The company extends its product range for the first time

with the introduction of fresh pizzas and sandwiches. These new products quickly become consumer favorites, leaving the Beauvais brothers once again tight for space and contemplating major investments. In 1999, they started the construction of the current facilities in Boisbriand.


In August 2001, the construction of the new facilities ends and the plant becomes fully operational. It is also in 2001 that the fresh salad range is added to the company’s product lines.

First acquisition

On October 1st 2002, the Beauvais brothers make their first acquisition by buying the company founded by their parents, Dame Charcute Inc., a charcuterie. The products’ DNA, and the family roots and values are emotionally preserved.
In early 2004, the production of deli meat is transferred to the Boisbriand plant thanks to another facility expansion. The plant grows from 80 000 to 132 000 square feet.



Plaisirs Gastronomiques launches its first TV advertising campaign in Quebec: the brand and its reputation take off. This first campaign will be also awarded numerous Crea prizes.

Second acquisition

On November 30th 2007, the three brothers make their second acquisition by buying Les Aliments Norel, which manufactures and markets cretons. Today, Norel remains Quebec’s best-selling cretons brand.

Third acquisition

On October 1st 2012, the family trio continues to build their business and closes a third acquisition by buying Les Aliments Cinq Sens, which manufactures and markets the popular Stromboli frozen pizzas. These pizzas are now supported by the Plaisirs Gastronomiques brand.

The Plaisirs Gastronomiques brand continues to surprise and seduce consumers while strengthening its reputation.

In the winter of 2012, the company re-enters Quebec households with a second TV advertising campaign. Always centered around its fake chef character, several Quebec television personalities such as Soeur Angèle, Giovanni Apollo, Claudine Desrochers and Louis-François Marcotte join this creative and punchy campaign.


Plaisirs Gastronomiques celebrates its 20th anniversary!

In March 2013, Plaisirs Gastronomiques celebrated its 20th anniversary and its 20th consecutive year of growth! So many years of efforts that reflect a commitment and passion constantly renewed.
From left to right: Christophe, Jean-Philippe, and Olivier Beauvais.

Fourth acquisition

On December 8th, 2015, Plaisirs Gastronomiques makes its fourth acquisition by acquiring 100% of Les Cochonnailles, a company who specializes in the manufacturing of value-added artisanal charcuterie products. Part of our origins, charcuterie activities therefore remain a springboard for growth.


Advertising: Round 3

This is a big comeback on TV, which started with a campaign launch on the night of New Year’s Eve. Always with his fake chef talents, our main character steps up his seduction and reaches new heights. Once again, the PG brand communicates its unpretentious personality in a creative and humorous campaign.


Bruno leaves us and makes way for new characters!

By way of a commercial presented during the 2016 edition of the “Bye Bye” television special, Plaisirs Gastronomiques said farewell to its famous character that marked the Quebec advertising landscape. Soon after, Plaisirs Gastronomiques launched its brand new campaign. With a bold visual signature and its new set of characters, these ads stage sensitive everyday life situations which unfold with unexpected simplicity, always taking place at the dinner table where PG products are served.

Olympics advertising break

The 2018 campaign marks a conceptual break by signing some unique commercials for specific opportunities, like the Pyeongchang Olympic Games. For the first time since its foundation in 1993, a family member, Laura Beauvais—perhaps maybe the next generation! —presents her first TV spot.

Plaisirs Gastronomiques, 25 years of growth

The company is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a 25th consecutive year of growth. Always driven by the family unit and passion to build, Christophe, Jean-Philippe and Olivier are committed to ensuring the sustainability of their values and the company.

The next generation on television

Two new family members are on screen this year; cousins Luca and Simon Beauvais form a dynamic duo to present the Bye Bye program in a humorous tone.

Advertising for the Bye Bye

Once again this year, Plaisirs Gastronomiques creates an advertising concept exclusively dedicated to the Bye Bye in a 60-second format. In a humorous tone, the commercial is a nod to several key topics of the 2018 news.


A new campaign written and performed by Simon Olivier Fecteau

Plaisirs Gastronomiques unveils a new headliner for its 2019 advertising campaign: Simon Olivier Fecteau. Being at the helm of the Bye Bye for the past three years, he also created and directed many campaigns for Plaisirs Gastronomiques including this one. In a light and humorous tone, Simon Olivier Fecteau shares moments of his daily life while always being happy and true to himself.