Cooked meals

Plaisirs Gastronomiques has developed a unique expertise in sous-vide cooking.

There are many benefits to preparing our recipes using this technique. In addition to preserving the dishes’ optimal flavours and textures, no added preservatives are required. 

Ready to eat in minutes, packaged products can be heated directly in boiling water and, if desired, finished in the oven or on the stove.

Give yourself a break and stock up on our prepared meats and side dishesLess time spent cooking means more time savouring!


Cooked meats

Our tasty and surprising cooked meats invite themselves to your table, as much on weeknights as on holidays and special occasions. Made with high quality ingredients and prepared with care, these dishes offer a real homemade experience. 

Side dishes

At last, exquisite side dishes created with passion! Our ready-to-serve array will add delicious variety to your plate in no time. Discover our colourful assortment and build exciting balanced meals! 

Vegetarian meals

Eating well without eating meat is easier than ever thanks to our array of tempting and nourishing dishes. All reasons are good reasons to enjoy one of our vegetarian meals!